Why Pune? Part I


Usually people decide to move back to the same city that they were brought up in. Of course, the parents/family and familiarity; are the key reasons for choosing the same place.

Since Brinda is from Mumbai and myself from Delhi, friends find it odd that we chose Pune.

So why Pune, India?

There are many reasons but mainly it is the favorable weather. If you really have the time to Live Life (otherwise as well), I think the weather plays an important part.

You can play tennis or swim pretty much all year around or go for your daily walks while enjoying the beautiful weather (60-80 F).  I don’t remember a day when Haripriya couldn’t play in the garden, that too in light and comfortable clothing. Good weather is such a boon, now I realize the importance of it even more.

We are almost closing in on our 3 years move to Pune and have witnessed a decent sampling of different seasons.  The weather does change here; Monsoon being the most dramatic and absolutely gorgeous.

When I visited Pune for the very first time about 20 years back. The experience of that train ride (Mumbai-Pune) is still etched in my heart. Especially the sight around Lonavala and Khandala is breathtaking.


The mist, drizzle, clouds and the waterfalls everywhere; it feels like heaven!! Even now whenever I get the opportunity, I stand at the door of the slowing down train.

What is Pune summer like?

It does get hot during Apr-May but it is dry heat. The mornings and evenings are always pleasant.  It rarely gets humid (unlike Mumbai) and doesn’t have the heat waves like Delhi or the foggy winters either.

It is hard to beat Pune weather and the key is to live on the outskirts, away from the city traffic. It is breezy throughout the year and sunrise and sunsets are breathtaking.

Below are some of the pics from our 3rd floor apt:





I hope to share some more beauty of the surroundings in near future.

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