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Making the best use of Covid 19 situation

My recent note shared with family/friends:


I trust you’re staying safe and taking all precautions.

It’s the strangest period that we’re living in, none of us have seen anything like this in our lifetime. It is emotionally (and financially) draining for we didn’t have enough problems to deal with already 🙂

But regardless of how bad the situation is, there’s always something to learn, reflect upon and use the opportunity to improve.

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Compounding, the Eighth Wonder of the World

If you ask around, what’s the eighth wonder of the world? you’ll get all kinds of answers. I think only investors/financial advisers will refer to Compounding 🙂 …that too very few of them. Even though I have been in investment business since last 15 years, I never understood or cared about the importance of it. Only since last few years, I’m beginning to understand how powerful the concept is.

Yes, Einstein called “Compound Interest” the Eighth Wonder of the World, he added further “He who understands it, earns it..he who doesn’t..pays it.” The Snowball Effect means the same thing and makes it easier to understand, here is a post that explains it beautifully in simple language..not recommending the stocks mentioned here but idea is to get familiar with the concept.

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Easiest path to Riches

There’s subtle and mystical world beneath the gross one that we perceive via our senses. This creation of ours has certain laws; the “Law of Giving” is one of them.

If we are to accumulate riches, we ought to harness the Power of Giving. It is super effective but takes time and some reflection to realise its full potential.


In today’s rational world, it appears that if we give..we end up with less. Those who give, make it a part of financial planning/budget and donate anywhere from 1-10% of their income…which is fine; better than not giving at all. But we should try to go beyond this typical tradition of Giving.

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Best of Phuket

As the post title suggests, I’m sharing the best of what Phuket has to offer and some offbeat stuff:

Aerial view of Phuket: My flight from Kualalumpur to Phuket was almost half empty. I couldn’t help but being glued to the window of the plane. The aerial view was breath taking, felt like I was being transported to a different planet…imagine almost 15 mins of live display of hundreds of these limestone formations dotting the blue sea.

Phuket Hong

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