Ram Mandir: What’s the Big Deal?

22nd January 2024 marks the inauguration of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. It’s unfortunate that some consider it to be hype and/or politics.

They say your experiences shape your life. After being on this planet for 4-5 decades, I reflect upon our schooling in India, how we were taught the history wrong. The moghul emperors were glorified, we took pride in the monuments/remnants of British and foreign invaders. The glories and awe of British Empire, Roman Empire etc etc. That we were just a bunch of smalltime selfish rulers that British dominated and divided, actually we were brainwashed in every aspect. We were taught to feel that we are weak, backwards, incapable to accomplish anything substantial. That Hinduism (hate to use this word coined by invaders..Sanatan Dharma is the religion that we are born into) is just Blind Faith, worshipping stones and everything is a myth. I’m sure we all have heard (and continue to do so) MYTHOLOGY, IDOL worship…we have taken these worst, offensive words to be normal.

I believe we, Indians are the most liberal ppl in the world, happy to visit a church, mosque..wish others Merry Xmas, Id Mubarak etc. But we never take our religion seriously..like a devout Christian or Muslim would. Just visit the temple once or twice a week/month, sit for few mins and offer Incense..that’s it; this is our Sadhana. We’re very open minded..mingle with anybody, let others make fun or ridicule our heritage, culture or religion. How do I know all this? Coz I was one of these. BUT NO MORE.. as I study and practice my religion, culture, go into the depths of  our rich Vedic civilization/history, I realize our texts/school books were wrong in many ways.

Do you know Bharat (India was coined by foreigners) was THE richest country a thousand years ago? It was a continent spanned across several nations..you can still see the evidence in many countries. Study all the religions and compare it with Sanatan Dharma. Much better is to practice it seriously, you’ll find it’s very scientific, You’ll experience Lord Ram, Lord Krishna as real as you and me. The siddhis/divine powers do exist, there’s vast spiritual and subtle world beyond the usual gross world that we perceive via our senses. The Vedic texts Ramayan, Mahabharat, Vedas, Purans are the CASE HISTORIES..not a myth.

Good news is that many of us are awakening to the Glories of Vedic civilisation, realizing our capabilities in many fields..be it space exploration, new tech/start-ups, massive infra projects, building monuments/tourism, manufacturing, defence and even education. The confidence is back, the pride is there, we’re no more just a third world country.

Ram Mandir has been a long fought battle of many centuries..there was no hope even in Independent India. It was mocked by many leaders..that it will never be built. I can write essays on the significance of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the rare achievement/event that we all are fortunate to witness..that our forefathers could not even imagine.

It’s not just inauguration, it’s Civilisational Independence Day!! Jai Shri Ram!!

2 thoughts on “Ram Mandir: What’s the Big Deal?

  1. Deepak sundrani

    Great vikas ji, you wrote my heart out in this article, your words are absolutely true as I also feel same as never took seriously our Hinduism (sanatan dharma) religion seriously however I would like add great contribution of our many yoga gurus like Sadguru, Ramdev & Sri Sri Ravi Shanker who really let all of the world realise the spirituality in our religion which not only immensely beneficial of physical health but also mental health of entire humankind & connect with everyone. Actually, sanatan dharma doesn’t belong to one religion, it’s wellbeing’s of entire universe. Thanks indeed of your such a noble & wise words you shared with your experience. Thanks again. Looking forward to meet you again after a long time. Good wishes to all of your family, Jai Shree Ram 🙏😊

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks Deepakji for your kind words. Bharat’s/Our msg has always been of peace..Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Still is, as you shared many great teachers still continue to share the same msg..even our leadership does the same.
      You/your family has always been kind to us..we remember our visits to India when we were in the US and time spent with you. How hard you worked in your profession and helped your clients. Will be my pleasure to connect with you again. Thanks and the best wishes!!


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