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Best of Phuket

As the post title suggests, I’m sharing the best of what Phuket has to offer and some offbeat stuff:

Aerial view of Phuket: My flight from Kualalumpur to Phuket was almost half empty. I couldn’t help but being glued to the window of the plane. The aerial view was breath taking, felt like I was being transported to a different planet…imagine almost 15 mins of live display of hundreds of these limestone formations dotting the blue sea.

Phuket Hong

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Razor Sharp Focus of Mr Modi

If I were to summarize the key traits of Mr Modi, it will be Focused and Decisive. He has an excellent track record in “transforming the way things work”. Last five years were disappointing for India in terms of business, governance and development. Now since Mr Modi is at the helm, it feels like 1947..i.e. we just gained freedom and it is time to rebuild India…no time to waste!!

modi with Focus

He is a fountainhead of inspiration and it is such a joy to see him in action. There are many lessons to take from his leadership, sharing few that I have noticed so far:

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