Angkor Wat, Great Temples but no Soul

DSC_0332 Ever since I saw the first pic of Angkor Wat, I imagined visiting this Wonder of the world some day. A westerner might feel like Indiana Jones here but being from India where you have such wonders at every corner, I was disappointed as far as the temples of Cambodia are concerned. It is a lost civilization, the country has thousands of other temples that are neglected. Only Angkor Wat and few others drew world’s attention in recent times. DSC_0650

dsc_012725 Though Cambodia is a Buddhist country, Angkor Wat and other temples originally are of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva that were built during Vedic period. These temples are just ruins now, no elaborate worship or meditations are going on in the premises. You just notice a deity or two of Lord Buddha, mostly for tourists to offer prayers and to facilitate an experience of a different culture/religion. DSC00247 CSC_0316 I still love Cambodia, the fact that majority of the country is still raw. I love its people and the beautiful countryside. Click here for more pics/virtual tour of Angkor Wat.

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