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San Francisco, the Most Beautiful City in US?

There’s something unique about San Francisco. I never get sick of visiting this city or the bay area. It grows more on me with every visit. First of all, San Francisco is much cleaner than any other big city in the US. It also has plenty to offer if architecture, art and history interest you. I love the colored and bright cable cars going up and down the steep streets, ringing their bells. The sharp and varied elevation of this city also offers some of the best views of Golden Gate bridge and the beautiful bay.

I don’t seem to be the only one who loves this city, I realized this during a recent trip. I started my search for a vacation rental almost a month in advance but was surprised to find that most of the apartments were taken for the entire summer. Somehow I managed to get a decent accommodation.. just in time.

What I love about SFO (apart from the city itself) is that you can make it a base for visiting Northern California. If I had to make a list of Top Five places to visit in the US, Northern California will be in it for sure.

Anyway, I’ll focus on San Francisco for now.

So what are the topmost things to do in this city?

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