Thailand – The Land of Smiles, Buddhism and Good Food

It was about time to experience another country and a different culture. The warm weather and a reasonable flight time were the main criteria.

As we’re based in India now, I scanned through many countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Maldives, Mauritius. We even considered Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka. Each one of these offers a unique experience but this time around we decided on Thailand.

I have always been fascinated by ancient Buddhist temples, religion and the polite culture of Thailand. And who doesn’t love Thai food?

There’s simply too much to explore in Thailand so we limited ourselves to Bangkok and the surroundings during this trip. The idea was to truly relax and have quality family time.

Again, came to our rescue. We selected a beautiful two bedroom condo, away from city’s hustle bustle yet walking distance to BTS station and other conveniences.

Though the taxi fares are reasonable but still it makes sense to use BTS skytrain and boats depending on your destination.

The street food is really big in Bangkok, you will find the carts all over the city. Aroma of lemon grass, ginger and other spices fills up the streets as evening approaches. It appears to be a favorite local pastime.

I’ll write more about this trip in next few posts but let me share the most memorable moments: 

The Ancient City of Siam: Spending the entire day in soaking up the beautiful architecture, history and peace of the place.

Temple of Dawn: Admiring the stunning view of lit up Arun Wat temple while standing on the dock by Chao Phraya river (on other side). The combined effect of water, evening lighting and the breeze really touches your soul.

A Buddhist Sanctuary: The food, tranquility and friendly atmosphere of Banana Park.

Wat Pho: Awe inspiring image of Reclining Buddha.

The rooftop pool and the views.

I have posted more pics of the trip here.

Only negative I can think of is the Language. Many locals have trouble communicating in English. To me, it makes the travel more adventurous. 🙂

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