Glimpses of an Eco Village


We visited Govardhan Eco Village last Diwali, it is just 1-2 hours drive from Mumbai. What a respite it was from the hustle and bustle of traffic choked Mumbai!!



This village reminds one of Vedic times when the life was much simpler. The idea is live close to nature, lead a simple life so that we have enough time to contemplate on the Supreme.



Some of the key features of this Eco Village are:

  • Only environment friendly products were used for the construction of different buildings. The material used for furnishing and decoration is again natural. There’s hardly any waste off the farm. They recycle water for gardening and farming usage, produce bio gas for cooking and aiming to be off the electricity grid soon.
  • An Ayurvedic spa offering different health checkups, massage and therapies
  • Nursery that has trees and plants grown organically, some for sale as well
  • There is a cow barn (Goshala) where you will find some rare breeds of Vedic cows
  • Lake that has small paddle boats
  • Swimming pool
  • A simple but beautiful temple
  • Historical Fort: If you’re up for hiking, an ancient fort of great warrior Shivaji awaits you on top of the mountain.



Even the drive to this village is nice as the resort is off Mumbai-Gujarat/Surat Highway. Some parts of this scenic highway reminded me of the US.

The farm offers good clean fun for the entire family. We made new friends, Haripriya had fun with other kids. On our way back, we picked up some organic vegetables and rice that were grown local. Also bought some cow based products that are manufactured on the farm.



It is convenient and a great getaway for folks who live within a drivable distance from Mumbai.

Some more pics of the trip are posted here. Best is to click on Pause button and relish the pics and captions..just like a Virtual Tour.

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