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The Ancient City of Siam – Thailand

I did lot of research before deciding on this landmark. I had a good feeling about it and I wanted to experience it alone. There are some things in life that are best when experienced alone.


We run into limitations when out with the family but going solo allows us to be adventurous and be in meditative and reflective mood. Plus, architecture and history is not something that a two year old would appreciate.

Thanks to Brinda, I got the permission to venture out alone. 🙂

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Orchids Galore – Thailand

Last I saw orchids growing in the wild was in Hawaii. Of course, we see many varieties indoors but there is something fascinating about these plants growing in their natural habitat.

I again got a chance to observe these in Muang Boran, Thailand. It seemed like all the varieties loved tropical climate. I took my time relishing the sight and taking pictures as the park had very few visitors.

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