Sailing in Arabian Sea

Our wedding anniversary was just around the corner and we were wondering what different can we do this time. Brinda took the responsibility of planning an appropriate event as she knows her city better. Thanks to Haripriya’s Nana, Nani (grandparents), they happen to be in Mumbai around that time and offered to babysit.

Something around the water is always nice, thanks Advantage Mumbai!! Sailing in Arabian Sea, off Gateway of India sounded exciting and adventurous as this was our first time. The location is quick and easy to get to from Brinda’s house, that was another plus. We picked a weekday to avoid the crowds. It was a nice sunny day with perfect wind.

The sailing company is just few months old, started by this young couple. I like the fact that they’re doing something different. It is nice to encourage such small businesses.

You get to meet interesting people. This young chap from Delhi is in early twenties and is also an entrepreneur. He exports Indian made tractors to Southeast Asian countries. Wow!! Didn’t think of that for a living. I’m starting to appreciate such ideas these days. 🙂

What I liked about sailing is that it is eco friendly with zero impact on the environment. No emission or noise pollution, unlike many other water sports. It is a good exercise as well. You use the air (mother nature) to your advantage. If you look at it philosophically, you’re dependent on Ocean’s mercy. Anything can happen to a small boat. Our lives are similar in that sense. I think Brinda might be having the same thought here.


Anil Ambani’s yacht, reminded me of Ray Catena’s fancy boat at NJ shore.

Nice location with Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel as the backdrop.

I have posted some more pics alongwith captions here.

So if you happen to be in Mumbai next time, let’s go sailing!!

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    1. admin

      Thanks Malou.

      The credit goes to Brinda. It was such a nice experience that she treated her friends to Sailing as well.

      Now that we have moved back to India, we have to follow the local customs i.e. take friends out on our Birthdays instead of other way around..:-)



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