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Call of the Entrepreneur

Most of us dream about having a small business or putting our creative juices to work. As we spend more time in the corporate environment, this call becomes stronger. I’m amazed at how some individuals shun the respect and security of a well paying job and risk everything to start their own venture.

Such venture is usually based on an idea or the interests/hobbies that we hold dear to our heart. We become so convinced and motivated that we can foresee it becoming a reality.

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Free Money – I love it!!

I love when the uncertainties in financial markets present a wonderful opportunity to make money with little effort.

We often hear that there’s no free lunch. True most of the times but not always!! This opportunity has been there for a while but has become even more attractive in recent months.

The worsening job and housing markets have forced the US Government to keep interest rates low for some time. Many credit card companies are now offering one of the best balance transfer deals that I have seen in years. Some 0% interest  offers have the transaction fee as low as 1% ( Do let me know if you find lower than 1%), which means the total cost of funds is 1%. Now you have to ask yourself: Can I earn a better return than 1%? How about long term bonds or a real estate investment that has decent positive cash flow? Perhaps it is time to pay off an auto or student loan that has higher interest rate.

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