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Call of the Entrepreneur

Most of us dream about having a small business or putting our creative juices to work. As we spend more time in the corporate environment, this call becomes stronger. I’m amazed at how some individuals shun the respect and security of a well paying job and risk everything to start their own venture.

Such venture is usually based on an idea or the interests/hobbies that we hold dear to our heart. We become so convinced and motivated that we can foresee it becoming a reality.

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A typical day in my life

It has been just about a year since I quit my job at UPS and said Goodbye to the Corporate World forever. I didn’t miss work, my job or anything related to it over the past year. Yes, I made good friends which I’m planning to keep for at least this lifetime..:-) and stay in touch with.

The obvious question is how I keep myself busy now that I have 8-10 additional hours everyday at my disposal. The truth is whoever is financially free, it is the last thing on their mind i.e. what to do with so much time.

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What is Financial Freedom? Why do we need it?

I’m often asked this question: what do I really mean by Financial Freedom. Most of us have heard this term by now. Some think of it being similar to Retirement or something that is for people in their sixties or seventies whatever the bar may be.

Financial Freedom usually means that we have enough money to pay our bills. Or that we have met our short and long term financial obligations. In other words, we don’t really need to work anymore for our living expenses.

All of the above definitions are correct.

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Independence from Corporate World

I finally announced “Freedom from 9-5” when I handed in my resignation at UPS about a year ago. Though I became financially free sometime back, an official announcement had to wait due to some family and work commitments.

It was hard to contain my excitement as I envisioned a world where I could pursue my interests and passions fulltime. A world that is full of creativity, excitement and adventure, finally becomes a reality.

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