What’s bothering you…Pop?

Being away from family for too long can be emotionally taxing at times. Whenever I visited India, I saw my father’s body shrunk and weaker than the year before. These are the typical old age symptoms that we either try to hide or learn to deal with over time. Having him in the US wasn’t an option either since he preferred living in India.

“What’s bothering you…Pop”, this line is part of a dialogue between Al Pacino and Marlon Brando in one of the “The Godfather” movies. This was at a time when father had grown old and worried about his family and the business. I recall watching this movie (all parts) many times; such emotionally charged dramas were somewhat comforting whenever I felt alone in the US.

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Moved to India, for good!!

I know this might surprise some of you. But yes, we have moved back to India. We have been here for almost two months now. No surprises, things are going well. Haripriya is doing good too. The day to day living details would require a separate post, will write on that later.

First of all, the obvious question is: Why move back? Especially when Brinda and I had well paying, stable jobs…easy drive/walk from our home. A decent nest in a good neighborhood, supportive friends and a close family circle. Everything was just Perfect, so why spoil the party? 🙂

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A typical day in my life

It has been just about a year since I quit my job at UPS and said Goodbye to the Corporate World forever. I didn’t miss work, my job or anything related to it over the past year. Yes, I made good friends which I’m planning to keep for at least this lifetime..:-) and stay in touch with.

The obvious question is how I keep myself busy now that I have 8-10 additional hours everyday at my disposal. The truth is whoever is financially free, it is the last thing on their mind i.e. what to do with so much time.

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