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What is Financial Freedom? Why do we need it?

I’m often asked this question: what do I really mean by Financial Freedom. Most of us have heard this term by now. Some think of it being similar to Retirement or something that is for people in their sixties or seventies whatever the bar may be.

Financial Freedom usually means that we have enough money to pay our bills. Or that we have met our short and long term financial obligations. In other words, we don’t really need to work anymore for our living expenses.

All of the above definitions are correct.

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Pursuit of Perfection

All of us are already familiar with Pursuit of Happiness which means that everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to be miserable. Then there is Pursuit of Excellence which only few seek in their lives, though this term is more common in the Business World.

What I’m talking about is: Pursuit of Perfection. “Perfection” is an under rated word, it doesn’t apply to only few. It applies to everybody, all of us are seeking Perfection.

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