Pursuit of Perfection

All of us are already familiar with Pursuit of Happiness which means that everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to be miserable. Then there is Pursuit of Excellence which only few seek in their lives, though this term is more common in the Business World.

What I’m talking about is: Pursuit of Perfection. “Perfection” is an under rated word, it doesn’t apply to only few. It applies to everybody, all of us are seeking Perfection. It is just that the object of perfection is what differs in each case. For example, somebody wants a perfect relationship, another person is looking for a perfect job or a perfect vacation. Some of us want a perfect school for our kids. Somebody might be happy with perfect barbeque and a beer, that’s perfection for him or her. So the list goes on.

As human beings, all of us are seeking perfection and I’m not any different. I like to have the best of everything in life as well. But what I have realized is that pursuing material things (temporary and changing) is not the Real Perfection. The ultimate object of Perfection is something else.. which is Eternal, Full of Bliss and deeply satisfying. But this doesn’t mean that we have to give up our Pursuit of Material things, they are fine if taken in the right amount. Our material success can very well be used for the Right Cause.

I wanted to name this blog: Pursuit of Perfection but the name was already taken. Our Pursuit of Perfection was the next closest. It worked out well as we are in it together, sharing and learning from each other.

So let’s discover the secrets of becoming successful in every aspect of life, be it material or spiritual.

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