Independence from Corporate World

I finally announced “Freedom from 9-5” when I handed in my resignation at UPS about a year ago. Though I became financially free sometime back, an official announcement had to wait due to some family and work commitments.

It was hard to contain my excitement as I envisioned a world where I could pursue my interests and passions fulltime. A world that is full of creativity, excitement and adventure, finally becomes a reality.

It has been a great journey of last 14 years in the US. I had a very successful career of an Independent Consultant (IT and Management) for the first 10 years, catering to Fortune 100 clients. The Roster included primarily financial firms: Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch. But I didn’t hesitate to take on opportunities that the leaders (AT&T, Verizon, SBC, Honeywell, Bristol Myers, UPS) in other industries offered.

Though I was a consultant, I was offered roles with increased responsibilities in Project Management, Architecture and SME. Each assignment was unique, challenging and fulfilling. I had the opportunity to work with the Executive management of Fortune 100 corps on several occasions. Some colleagues that I worked with, were the products of Harvard, Princeton, Wharton and other elite schools. There was a time when I considered pursuing Executive MBA program at Wharton but couldn’t justify the cost.

I recall having six interviews to land a position at Credit Suisse (Goldman and CSFB are the toughest to get in), other offers from Citi and UBS also came through but had to turn down due to other commitments. So there have been great moments in terms of career and it is not possible to mention all of these in a single post.

Most of these opportunities translated into living life to the fullest, driving brand new BMWs, Mercedes and changing them every few years. The ownership of luxury homes in posh suburbs, exotic vacations and the list goes on.

But things turned around quickly and I decided to slow down. We moved to the South where life was relatively relaxed (though not anymore) and for warmer weather. I could foresee “Present Moment” five years back when I moved to Atlanta from the North East. This move served its purpose well. But now it is time to Rediscover!!

It is time to regain the carefree and risk taking attitude of my twenties.:-). Time to Live and Breath again!!

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    1. admin

      Thank you, You raised an excellent point. A careful and thorough planning is required.

      It is a journey of 5-30 years as mentioned in one of my posts.


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