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Build Wealth, Don’t destroy it

This post is meant for everyone. I mean even though you’re planning to be in the corporate world or in a business for another 10-30 years, you cannot ignore the importance of preserving and growing your wealth.

It usually takes anywhere from 5 to 30 years to build a good chunk of savings and investments which will be sufficient for retiring comfortably. We need to be mindful of our actions that create or slowly erode our wealth.

I’m more concerned with the habits or actions that erode our wealth. These might not seem big but can significantly reduce our wealth over the years. Imagine a large water tank with tiny holes, you know what will happen to it eventually.

Let’s discuss the Top Five Money Leaks for now to keep it short and focused. I’ll discuss these briefly and will get into the details of each one later. I know my friends in the Insurance and Investment industry won’t like it but the Truth must be told. 🙂

So here are the Top Five:

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Get Rich Slowly

Creating wealth is a slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight. Sorry, if I disappointed you. 🙂 Actually, you don’t want it to happen overnight. If it does happen, it won’t be sustainable. You might have heard of many renowned athletes, movie or rock stars being in debt or in some trouble even after they made their millions.

It is a long journey and requires us to focus on many aspects of money management.

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What is Financial Freedom? Why do we need it?

I’m often asked this question: what do I really mean by Financial Freedom. Most of us have heard this term by now. Some think of it being similar to Retirement or something that is for people in their sixties or seventies whatever the bar may be.

Financial Freedom usually means that we have enough money to pay our bills. Or that we have met our short and long term financial obligations. In other words, we don’t really need to work anymore for our living expenses.

All of the above definitions are correct.

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